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Overpowered Sword

A growth-type hero series that fills your heart as you read, for the webtoon readers who are fed up with obvious overpowered MC series. Our MC Leon decides that he will overcome his rival Leon, who stood at the top of the Royal Academy, with only hard work and sheer willpower. He hits a wall that cannot be overcome with training alone and fell into despair, only to get chosen by the Holy Sword Elcid that was fated to go to his rival, Leon. With the Holy Sword Elcid that fell and chose MC Leon as the Hero candidate because of his righteousness, Leon receives harsh training and finally clutches victory from the seemingly impossible duel with his rival! Having attained the qualification to be the owner of the Holy Sword, MC Leon begins his adventure to leave the Royal Academy and become the hero who saves the world?

Author OS
Status Ongoing
Posted Jun 5, 2022 09:45
Updated Sep 25, 2022 17:28

Episodes (36)


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