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My Life as a Player

Hunters are sponsored by patrons. And the twelve most brilliant heroes established Eden, calling themselves gods. That's the time when I, Lee Joon-kyung lived. I lived the life of a cattle like any other ordinary man. One book I had was about a forgotten hero, a bibliography of a true hero. Athena, one of the twelve rulers of Eden, comes to me: 'Do you want to go to the past? More than 100 years ago? To the days when hunters appeared?' This one who sponsored the king supported me. I continue to walk similarly to the life in which the hero lived. I dream of a better future than the king. The power I have now, the hunter beyond the hunter. Being a player. 'I'm a player from today onwards.'

Author Valo
Status Ongoing
Posted Jun 10, 2022 21:43
Updated Sep 16, 2022 17:01

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