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Return Survival

In a post-apocalyptic world ruled by hordes of flesh-eating zombies, law and order have fallen by the wayside, and it's every man for himself. Luckily, Yohan has the unique advantage of having gone through this once before. After traveling back in time to six months before the initial outbreak, he gets to work amassing supplies and gearing up to take on any undead creatures. But the living dead aren't all he has to worry about, with bandits, gangs, and rogue factions cropping up all around to inflict terror and seize control. And when the timeline stops playing out the way he remembers, Yohan realizes that his prior knowledge will only take him so far. Now, the only way for him to make it out alive is to conquer both the living and the dead.

Author KIM MuHyeon
Status Ongoing
Posted Jun 16, 2022 23:32
Updated Jun 24, 2022 21:31

Episodes (129)


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