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Immortal Weakling

In a world dominated by powerful heroes, Tai is unkillable -- and that's his greatest weakness. He is the only person alive who can heal any injury, but he also can't fight, can't grow, and can't accept his own limitations. So how can Tai live up to his dream of becoming the greatest hero? But society's heroes have grown complacent, and someone is looking to topple the world order. Now Tai and Nerin, a powerful but insecure telekinetic, must hone their skills and take on the threats that lurk in the shadows. Their worldwide journey will have them fighting villains and even heroes -- can an immortal weakling ever save the day?

Author Yaruno
Status Ongoing
Posted Aug 10, 2022 13:58
Updated Sep 23, 2022 03:05

Episodes (13)


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