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Flowers to Thee

A star that loved a stalker, and a brother who lost his sibling. On the day that star actor Yuri - who suddenly disappeared from the entertainment industry three years ago - makes a comeback, a flower basket is delivered to him along with a mysterious letter. After reading the letter, Yuri is stabbed by a stranger while trying to catch the sender. The culprit is Yuri's stalker, who had been pretending to be a delivery man. Just who is this mysterious stalker? Why does Yuri tirelessly chase him? Meanwhile, Yuri's new manager Hyun continues to seep in to Yuri's life... Why does this man seem so familiar to Yuri? A distorted love story between broken people, occurring within the flashy entertainment industry.

Author Dam
Status Completed
Posted Aug 29, 2022 19:30
Updated Aug 29, 2022 19:52

Episodes (49)


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